Saturday, August 21, 2010

Silly Saturday

It's another swelteringly hot and humid August day.  You won't find me outside in this weather!  I can't wait until it is cooler, I love fall weather!

Recently I've been working on a variety of new card cases and mini wallets, but I have not photographed them nor listed any of them yet!  I think I am waiting for a big enough batch.  I should come up with a more streamlined way of listing my items.  It always takes a long time.  I think most people agree the descriptions are the hardest part.  One thing that makes it easier for me is to open up a word processing document and work on the descriptions there.  That way when I get to the step of listing the item, all I have to do is copy and paste, and all of my descriptions are written already.  It also helps if you take your time to be thorough and detailed.

Sales have been very slow for me in August.  When sales die down, sometimes it feels like a total mystery.  Sometimes all the tips and tricks in the world wont change a slow sales period, and you're left wondering "What happened?!"  It can be frustrating.  But you just have to be patient, and keep plugging along.  This winter will be my first Holiday Season on Etsy.  I've heard it gets super busy!  Hopefully I will have a lot of inventory by the time Christmas rolls around.

I hope your crafting is going well, everybody!  Anyone care to share what they like to do during the slow times?  :D

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