Tuesday, October 26, 2010

I've Left Etsy!

My Dear Friends,

I'm sorry to say that due to a series of very unpleasant experiences with Etsy Corp, I have chosen to close my Etsy shop for good, and I have re-opened on Artfire !  I have the same name - JoanHunterHandmade, and can be searched out in a flash!

I used the Artfire Import tool to import all of my remaining listings to my new home.  It was fast, and easy!  Artfire has a lot of great, functional tools to help you sell!  I'm seeing a lot of familiar faces over there and I'm very excited about my new home!

Hope to see you there!



  1. Good for you - I hope to be saying the very same thing in the near future.

  2. Congrats. I closed down my Etsy shop today, after importing all of my listings to Artfire and screenshotting all of my feedback. Etsy has turned into some sort of monster.